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Lift Mentoring Program 

Program Overview, Goals & Requirements

As the Women in Cybersecurity study indicates mentorship is correlated with the success and satisfaction of women at all levels. Lift is one of the initiatives we have to support your development and advancement of your career.

The goals of Lift are to
Accelerate our members success
• Sharpen our members skills and presence while increasing your effectiveness and readiness for promotion
• Prepare our members to lead at all levels
• Foster one to one connections and relationships
• Harness the wealth of knowledge and experience of our community
• Impact the underrepresentation and underutilization of women in Information Security, IT Risk Management and Privacy

Lift is a member-only program and requires a six month commitment.

Lift is a program that inspires our members to find encouragement and support; to pursue their interests; to define and achieve their career goals; and to help steer them through the challenges of work/life integration. In addition, members will continue to build a trusted professional network.

Time Commitment & Open Season

It is expected that participants will meet/speak/skype at least once per month for 45 minutes to an hour for the six month program. We encourage 2 meetings/calls/skypes each month whenever possible. This would translate to approximately 6-12 hour commitment over six months.

Every six months, an open season will be announced to allow participants the opportunity to be matched with a new Mentor/Mentee. Each program participant may opt to continue their existing relationship and to bypass the open season, as well as opt to drop out of the program if needed. There are no penalties for dropping out of LIFT.

If you are a current EWF CONNECT member you can register for the winter 2018 Lift mentoring program by visiting Registration starts May 1, 2018. The deadline to enroll is May 31, 2018. 

What We Expect

Mentors and Protégés are expected to speak a minimum 1x per month and communicate regularly to discuss goals, career strategies, specific issues, training needs, or networking advice.  Mentees are expected to identify the goals they want to achieve at  the beginning of the mentoring relationship and record those goals as  the foundation for the monthly discussions.

This sounds great so do we get paired?

The Matching Process

All applicants will create their profile and identify areas of expertise for mentors and focus areas/program goals for Mentees. The system will provide a match to the Mentee. Once the Mentor and Mentee attend training they can officially begin.

Sign up to participate in Lift

If you are a current EWF CONNECT member beginning May 1, 2018 you can register here: for the next Lift program that will begin in July 2018.   

What to Learn more?

To Learn more watch this webinar as Linda Dolceamore, EWF Leadership Development Director reviews the Lift program in more detail or contact Linda directly at